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Mutual Inspirations Festival 2017 - Gregor Mendel

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A Thank You in Closing

A Thank You in Closing

Dear Friends,

We are grateful for your support regarding the Mutual Inspirations Festival 2017 – Gregor Mendel!

This year, the annual festival was an enormous success celebrating the posthumously yet internationally recognized father of modern-day genetics, Gregor Johann Mendel, who was born and conducted his groundbreaking research on pea plants on the same land he sowed and loved, today’s Czech Republic.

With over twenty events at prominent venues such as Georgetown University, the Kennedy Center, the National Gallery of Art, the US Botanic Garden, the Avalon Theatre, and many more, we were thrilled to bring science closer to the wider public audience through an intellectually stimulating symposium and several lectures on Mendel’s legacy and contemporary ethical issues and possibilities in modern genetics as well as an inspiring musical garden series, exclusive fashion show of wearable art, thought-provoking film screenings of great experimenters, and a colorful exhibition on the vast achievements of Czech scientists.

From peas to petri dishes, we personally thank you and the hundreds of people who joined us in the name of Gregor Mendel to celebrate the monumental discoveries and contributions to science and the arts by the people of the Czech Republic and the United States of America.

We look forward to celebrating our mutual influences again next year.



Hynek Kmoníček

Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United States of America


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