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Prosperity & Industry

Prosperity & Industry

The Czech Republic, a member of the European Union and the European Single Market since 2004, is one of the most economically flourishing countries in Europe, boasting the lowest unemployment rate of any EU member state. It is an industrial powerhouse, a tradition that extends to the inter-war period as Czechoslovakia was one of the most industrialized countries in the entire world. In fact, its manufacturing makes up almost one-third of its total GDP as opposed to just over ten percent in the US. An export-oriented open market, Czech products, such as automobile parts, light sport aircraft, and machinery, are sought out in the US. Czech-made streetcars cruise along the streets of San Francisco, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, and even Washington, DC. Utilizing the superb education of its renowned universities, brilliant Czechs have invented breakthroughs from soft contact lenses to HIV medicine.  A Czech surgeon led the first full face transplant performed in the US.  Moreover, Czechs have made a splash in the US with nanotechnology, nuclear collaboration, IT-security, and magnificent crystal and glass products. In fact, the US is the Czech Republic’s largest market outside of Europe and, vice-versa, the US ranks among the biggest investors in the Czech Republic. 

Doctors in surgery
Photo courtesy: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

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