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Mutual Inspirations Festival 2020 - John Amos Comenius

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A Note from the Ambassador

A Note from the Ambassador

This year’s Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything. It has impacted lives in unprecedented ways. In a matter of a few months, it has presented a tremendous learning curve for all of us in terms of novel viral immunology and social distancing, financial sustainability and economic creativity, and virtual learning. As we all aspire for continuity in this new period of normalcy, the Embassy of the Czech Republic and I also hope to bring stability to these uncertain times via our 11th year of the Mutual Inspirations Festival and its leading personality, John Amos Comenius, for 2020. 
We chose to honor Comenius, the Father of Modern Education, before the epidemic last year because Comenius is still hailed as one of the greatest role models by the Czech people even 350 years after his death. Comenius transformed the world through his vision and push for universal education and dedication to the belief that education will bring peace to mankind. His legacy would allow for us to focus on programming for children.
Now, in this current crisis, it seems most appropriate to concentrate on today’s modern education as it has taken on record innovation from the pre-school level, which was recognized as the foundation by Comenius, all the way up through the universities.  As the great pedagogue’s wisdom and reach endures to this day, the Mutual Inspirations Festival will seek to engage entire families and students of all ages in our events, whether virtually or mask bearing, this fall. 
Lastly, I personally thank all of our participants, supporters, and partners in Europe and America for working together to triumph over the virulent disease upon us as well as to feel and live culture in 2020. For without culture, joy dies. 

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