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Mutual Inspirations Festival 2013 - Václav Havel

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Theater: The Václav Havel Project

Theater: The Václav Havel Project

September 24, 2013, 8:00 PM

The Alliance for New Music-Theatre will open The Václav Havel Project, comprised of the performances of Václav Havel’s Unveiling, directed by Miřenka Čechová, and Spitfire Company’s new original work Antiwords (US premiere), directed by Petr Boháč and performed by prominent Czech physical theater actresses Miřenka Čechová and Jindřiška Křivánková, at the Atlas Performing Arts Center on September 24, at 8 pm. Both of the one-act plays draw inspiration from Václav Havel's famous "Vaněk" plays. This project is part of a larger series of new music-theatre works, Radical Transformations, that through word, dance and music tell the stories of individuals and cultures caught in political, social, and personal transition. Share in an evening of powerful theater performed by talented Czech and American actors.
Photo courtesy of Michal Hančovský

The opening performance will be complemented by an exhibition of photographs by Bohdan Holomíček, a close friend of Václav Havel. The photographs offer an intimate portrait of Havel’s life.    

At the show on September 24, toast to the success of the premiere performances—Na zdraví! To your health!—with a complimentary Pilsner Urquell beer.    

For more information about Antiwords, click here.
Check out an interview with the director and featured actors.

The performance is part of HAVEL’S TRILOGY, connected to the “Vaněk plays,” as part of the Mutual Inspirations Festival 2013 – Václav Havel. For more information about the project, please click here 

Event Details:

Location: Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002

For ticket information, please visit

Credits - Antiwords
koncept/concept: Miřenka Čechová, Sivan Eldar
režie/directed by: Petr Boháč
hudba/music: Sivan Eldar
light design: Martin Špetlík, Robert Janč
masky/masks: Paulina Skavova
produkce/production: Spitfire Company
hrají/cast: Jindřiška Křivánková, Miřenka Čechová

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