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Alliance for New Music-Theatre

Alliance for New Music-TheaterThe Alliance for New Music-Theatre fosters the collaboration of artists from diverse forms, cultures, and disciplines; nurtures the creation, development and performance of new works, and engages audiences in dialogue towards a deeper understanding of the transformative power of music-theatre.



American Friends of the Czech Republic

American Friends of the Czech Republic

American Friends of the Czech Republic (AFoCR) is an independent American non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the United States and Czech Republic. AFoCR fosters communication, encourages understanding, invites friendship, and promotes mutual respect between the two countries and their peoples, governments, economic enterprises, civic and cultural institutions. Nationwide in scope, AFoCR is the voice of the American constituency that supports close and strong relations with the Czech Republic and its people.


Czech Center

Czech Center

The Czech Center New York (CC NY) is a meeting place for Czech and local culture, a place where artists and professionals, Czech and non-Czech alike, can get to know each other and talk about their work, and produce work together, when the chance presents itself. Though of course our focus is on contemporary Czech artists, we are open to any idea that addresses current cultural or social themes, and are committed to the support of new international projects.


Diplomacy and Fashion

Diplomacy and Fashion is a celebration of global nations and cultures, bringing together diplomacy, fashion, and philanthropy. The mission is to promote up-and-coming designers from different countries around the world. Diplomacy & Fashion envisions the creation of an exclusive network with an emphasis on fashion and the future of the industry in the center of the world’s diplomacy.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

In 1923, the Czechoslovak government decided that Czernin Palace would be alloted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offices of which were dispersed in several places in Prague. State rooms of Czernin Palace host many significant negotiations, and serve for the purposes of multiple conferences and sessions. It is not by accident that it was here where the Warsaw Treaty was dissolved at the beginning of 1990s.


Click here for a virtual tour of the Czernin Palace.

National Film Archive (NFA) in Prague

NFAThe National Film Archive (NFA) is one of the ten oldest  film archives in the world. The NFA's function is collection, preservation, scientific processing, and using of audiovisual archival materials which document national film production, genesis and development of film art, life of the Czech nation and important world events. At present, the NFA takes care of more tha 150 million film meters, 600 thousand photographs, 30 thousand posters, and 100 thousand advert materials. 


The Avalon Theatre

The Avalon Theatre

The Avalon Theatre has been a cornerstone of northwest Washington DC since the theater opened in February 1923. In April 2003, the Avalon became a nonprofit theater operated by The Avalon Theatre Project. As an independent, nonprofit theater, the Avalon offers exciting and diverse programming that includes outstanding first-run commercial films, independent and foreign films, documentaries, film festivals, and special programs for families and seniors. The Avalon Café opened in April 2009 in one of the theater’s retail spaces and will enhance the movie-going experience with outstanding food and beverages.


The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts continues its efforts to fulfill President Kennedy's vision by producing and presenting an unmatched variety of theater and musicals, dance and ballet, orchestral, chamber, jazz, popular, world, and folk music, and multi-media performances for all ages. Every year the institution that bears President Kennedy's name brings his dream to fruition, touching the lives of millions of people through thousands of performances by the greatest artists from across America and around the world. The Center also nurtures new works and young artists, creating performances, broadcasts, and touring productions while serving the nation as a leader in arts education.

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