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Mutual Inspirations Festival 2022 - Voskovec & Werich

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Game Night: Escape Room & Codenames

Game Night: Escape Room & Codenames

October 26, 2022, 6:00 PM

The Embassy of the Czech Republic, in collaboration with the Escape Game Georgetown, invites you to an evening of games at the Escape Game in Georgetown on October 26, from 6pm-8pm. Start off with a spy party board game, Codenames, designed by Czech designer Vlaada Chvátil and published by Czech Games Edition. Then, play any escape game to continue the espionage challenge but make sure to book your themed adventure ahead of time!  
This event celebrates the Mutual Inspirations Festival 2022 and the intriguing lives of Jiří Voskovec and Jan Werich. The two playwrights escaped Czechoslovakia before WWII. Albeit returning thereafter, Voskovec escaped again after the communist coup of 1948, only to be locked up at Ellis Island for allegedly being a communist sympathizer.
Event Details:
The Escape Game Georgetown
3345 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
RSVP to 
Admission: $15 to enter at the door
Admission includes access to the event to play the board game Codenames and two beverages at the bar. 
Escape Games must be booked separately, depending on availability, at:
Book any Escape Game ahead of time with a 20% off code: Czech_Event
About Codenames:
Codenames is a 2015 party card game designed by Czech board game designer Vlaada Chvátil and published by Czech Games Edition. Two teams compete by each having a spymaster give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board. The other players on the team attempt to guess their team's words while avoiding the words of the other team. Codenames won the Spiel des Jahres award for the best board game of the year.
About the Escape Game:
The Escape Game offers several immersive, 60-minute, real-life adventure games in its escape rooms. Players work together to solve clues to escape a themed adventure. However, the players are never physically trapped inside of a room and can leave at any point during the game. 

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