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Mutual Inspirations Festival 2017 - Gregor Mendel

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Taste, Sights & Sounds of South Moravia

Taste, Sights & Sounds of South Moravia

Over a hundred guests delighted in a unique evening highlighting the scenic beauty, enchanting music, and, above all, delicious quality wines of the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic at the Czech Embassy on October 17. The event began with photos of breathtaking landscape of chateaus and lush vineyards, with opening remarks by Tomáš Soukal, a Member of the South Moravia Council, and detailed information by Pavol Foltín, a Member of the Office of the Governor of South Moravia.

Mr. Foltín emphasized the geographical importance of the region, as it is centrally located among several European capitals. Albeit the region is renowned for its folklore with one event (the Ride of Kings) even being registered on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, he also underscored the modern and youthful side of the region with its many prominent universities and research institutes. As an example, Jan Vintrlík from the Albaform Company, a South Moravian manufacturer of metal components for the automotive industry, which has an overwhelmingly successful subsidiary company in the US state of Georgia, was on hand to demonstrate the region’s cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Before the visitors were able to enjoy savory cuisine and wine tasting of South Moravia’s finest selection, sommelier Radim Petratur presented on the wine region and the products, noting that the production is about quality, not quantity. It was further observed that 96% of all wines produced in the Czech Republic come from South Moravia. As a special addition, South Moravian pianist Tomáš Kačo performed charming sounds of the region to everyone’s delight.


The program thus featured the fertile region, where Gregor Mendel spent most of his life, studying and conducting his revolutionary pea experiments on the Laws of Inheritance.

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